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Teresa Jackson

Teresa Jackson


Teresa Jackson is a top-in-class Litigation Specialist, and a seasoned claims/operations professional of 34 years, who successfully established a personal injury consulting firm for Personal Injury Attorneys guaranteed to increase financial returns for clients injured in automobile accidents by 50%. This allowed her to record and validate every component of each claimant-insurer event and prescribe corresponding negotiation strategies.

Before working with Fender2Fender, Teresa spent fourteen years as a Third Party Administrator Claim Director (TPA). Her expertise includes transportation liability, inland marine, commercial liability, London-Syndicate maturation, strategic allocations, forecasting, structured settlements, mediation, MGA/MGU relations, complex claim handling, complex auditing and cost containment. She received top performance acknowledgment for her ardent skills as a litigation specialist with Chubb, Allstate, Amerisure, and Liberty Mutual. She received distinction for her managerial and development skills as a regional commercial trainer and as a TPA claim director. Her automobile accident and insurance claim knowledge was key in the development of the artificial intelligence-inspired patented mobile application owned by Fender2Fender.

Teresa enjoys travel, weight training workouts, reading and homeless shelter volunteering. Her alma mater is The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is an avid empty-nester with a penchant for being an impromptu weekend accidental tourist.

You can reach Teresa at [email protected]

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