Partner With Us

White label adoption separates partner P&C insurers from the rest of the industry in significant ways through claim efficiency and customer satisfaction.  We offer a renewable technology agreement, and a white labeled mobile app, which can be downloaded to policyholders’ smart phones, automatically providing:

  1. Verbal Accident Scene Assistance          
  2. Roadside Assistance         
  3. Report and or Track Claim Submit Portal
  4. Upload Photos and Docs Portal   
  5. Property Damage Assistance       
  6. Bodily Injury Assistance    
  7. Access I.D. Card     
  8. Automobile Quote or Purchase Coverage Access        
  9. Pay Bill Portal

These combined features far exceed any mobile app offering in the industry.  Plus, you are advantaged by the patented verbal accident scene assistance, property damage assistance, and the bodily injury assistance that no other company has available.