Fender2Fender Mobile App

We programmed our patented mobile app to function as an automobile adjuster would at an accident scene--- Guiding the accident victim step-by-step. Other capabilities include property damage and bodily injury calculators for optimal resolution. Drivers are clearly advantaged, but the insurers are equally so. Our mobile app:

  • Verbalizes Step-By-Step Accident Scene Guidance
  • Collects Accident Data (Speed, GPS, Audio, Images, etc.)
  • Generates Accident Data to Insurer
  • Provides Demographic Mapping for Company Use
  • Produces Claim Efficiency
  • Strengthens Key Performance Indicator Results

Fender2Fender provides the only end-to-end mobile application in the USA geared toward automobile accident reporting and claim resolution. We provide a multi-functional mobile capability via smartphone. It’s not just industry disrupting. Think “Game Changer” on steroids. Our patented mobile app was designed to modernize the automobile accident and claim continuum.